Assistant Coach Daniel Dykes started coaching with Stone Bridge Rowing in February 2016. He grew up in North Carolina and played many different sports along the way. He took an interest in crew later in life after years of hearing "you'd be a perfect rower!"

    Coach Dykes believes that sports are the foundation for a successful future. "When I think of the character attributes that have been most valuable in my life - hard working, dedicated, collaborative - all were developed through team sports. As a team sport, I think crew is second to none, and I'm excited to be part of a program that will help student-athletes get the most out of their education, and later, their careers."

Coach Dykes

    Coach Dykes is currently a project manager for an IT services company, and when he isn't working or coaching, he can be found on the W&OD preparing for the Boston Marathon or completing his USRowing Level I Certification.


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