Occoquan Parking Details - Sandy Run Boathouse, Fairfax Station, VA
 GENERAL RULES: (All Regattas specifically with regards to on site parking)

  1. WARNING - We cannot guarantee re-entry is available if you leave. With our hand stamps we will not make you pay to reenter, but the demand for parking is approximately 2,400 cars. We have 868 spaces on site. We anticipate having several closings of the on-site parking throughout the day.
  2. WARNING - We will turn traffic away once the park is full to ensure the roads remain open to shuttles; boat trailers; emergency vehicles; etc.
  3. Free Rower and Passenger Drop off is in Van Thompson lot starting at 0600
  4. Free Rower Pick up is in Van Thompson lot until the last race.
  5. If you want to go closer down you will pay! On-site Parking $15
  6. Parking fee will apply to everyone entering park without a VASRA or Sandy Run issued Pass
  7. No Refunds - REPEAT - NO REFUNDS for park entry
  8. Hand Stamps serve one and only one purpose. To allow the driver to return the designated parking areas without paying a second time.
  9. WARNING -- No Refunds – people who have issue with this may ask to speak with a VASRA Rep and the police.
  10. WARNING -- On-Site lots generally fill early. Leave lots of time to get to the venue
  11. WARNING -- We cannot guarantee on-site parking will be available – please plan to car pool or use off site shuttles – see back for on and off-site shuttle and parking information
Volunteer Parking Pass Question

This issue is big enough to require it's own section. VASRA issued parking passes to each club through their coaches. They are limited. If you did not recieve a pass from your coach we will charge you to park.
Rower Drop Off:

Each year rowers and their parents learn this at different rates. The Drop Off/Pick up spot on regatta days is the Van thompson Lot, not the C lot nor down by the boat trailers that rowers typically use for practice. Let your Rower take the shuttle.
What are your Parking Options:

  1. On-site Parking: All described above. Generally you will pay unless you car pool in such a manner to have vehicle that is transporting more than 7 people. More than 7 - you get in free. Sounds like a great reason to Carpool.
  2. Non-VASRA Off-site Parking: Several Fairfax County schools take advantage of teh carpool rule and have set up their own shuttle. VASRA can not obligate this effort, while we greatly appreciate it. Check with yoru schools coach to determine if you are a part of this effort.
  3. VASRA Off-Site Parking: We are currently only set up to have VASRA Off-site Parking on 3 dates. Walter Mess (5 April); Darrel Windslow (12 April); and States. The site is at the commuter lot at the corner of Old Bridge road and Rt 123. 4.8 miles from the regatta site. It brings a $5 per rider fee. i'll send more details in preparation for next week.
Follow VASRA Parking on Twitter

Check Twitter @ #VASRAResults & #VASRAParking
SAFETY: Please be safe around our parking team (this year - the West Springfield Footbal and Basketball Booster).
On line information is also available at the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) website. check out Sandy Run Regional Park.
Come dressed to stay warm and dry - lots of layers and have a wonderful regatta and crew season.
Final word - Please pass this along to the newbies. We want the experience to be a pleasant as possible for all.
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