Saturday March 17th




Dear Parents and Athletes,

This page contains the materials that you need to get sponsors and donors for the Erg-a-thon. .


The Sponsorship Sheet:  Please fill in each donor’s name, address and phone number. Keep this sheet until the day of the Erg-a-thon and give it to Mrs. Wright (Treasurer). Print additional copies if needed.


The Sponsor Letter:  Please fill in the name of the potential donor at the top and sign your name at the bottom, including your class year.  The letter is to be given to the potential donor with the sponsorship brochure.  Print as many copies as you need.

Thank you so much for assisting the club with this important fund raising effort.   The donations will be used to fund the substantial costs associated with fielding a competitive rowing team.


We all need to do what we can to make this even a success.  Athletes - talk to everyone you know, in your neighborhood, your relatives as well as store owners of the places that you visit frequently, like your pizza shop or your coffee shop.  If people want to contribute directly via credit card, direct them to the team website, and capture their name and donation amount on your sponsorship card, so we can give you credit.   Any and all donations will assist the cause.


Money collected will go towards each athlete's fund raising commitment of $350 for the Spring 2017 season.


Parents, this is not for you to make donations.   You already contribute greatly to the club.  This is a fundraiser and community awareness event to get more community support.


Thanks for participating,


Coach McCormick


For convenience, you can copy this ERG-A-THON link and paste in an email and send it to the person wishing to donate. They will be able to donate for the ERG-A-THON directly to SBRC using paypal.

Please download paper forms below.

Stone Bridge Rowing Club
January 2018
Sponsorship Brochure 2018
Stone Bridge Rowing Club
January 2018
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