Scrip Gift Cards
What is Scrip? Scrip is a program allowing family and friends to buy store gift cards for your regular shopping. Instead of using cash, checks or credit cards, use these gift cards for the full value that you paid. And for that the store contributes a percentage to SBRC.

If you buy a $25 store card say to Starbucks, you get the full $25 to shop with and Starbucks gives 7% to SBRC. Your $25 Starbucks card – is really worth $26.75. Let the merchants you shop on a monthly, and daily basis pay you for shopping at their store and contribute $$ to SBRC on your behalf and count 100% ($1.75) towards your fundraising commitment.

Retailers There are about 700 plus retailers that participate in Scrip including Amazon®, Aeropostale®, Best Buy®, iTunes®, Walmart® & Sam's Club®, Bath & Body Works®, Giant Foods®, Safeway®, Whole Foods®, Gap®, The Home Depot®, Kohl's®, Red Lobster®, Olive Garden®, Target®, ExxonMobil® and Sears® to name just a few. Check out a comprehensive list in the files available below.
How to sign up You need to set up an account (only have to do this once).

  •    1. Log on to
  •    2. Click on the green "Family Sign Up" button on the left
  •    3. Fill in registration info.
  •    4. Read and accept terms of use - click to accept
  •    5. Enrollment code for SBRC is 8AB8EE2335889 (when you get your confirmation on screen;
            please make sure it indicates SBRC and Christine Suter as the coordinator).
What are my payment Options You can either mail/drop a check off to Treasurer Mary Ann Kittinger by the monthly deadline (End of month), or you can pay through their presto pay (secure online payment connected to your bank account). If you want to pay through Presto Pay, you have to set up an account – takes 2 days they have to verify your account. If you pay this way, money is taken directly from your account and charged a 15 cent processing fee each time you use it (this is great if you want to use ScripNow before our next order deadline). Follow the directions on how to set up a Presto Pay account. Additional details and site usage help is also available in the "Scrip Family User Guide" below.
Question Please reach out to Chris Suter at
Scrip Fundraising Flyer
Stone Bridge Rowing Club
June 22, 2014
Scrip Family User Guide
Stone Bridge Rowing Club
June 22, 2014
Scrip Participating Retailers
Stone Bridge Rowing Club
August 23, 2014
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