Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where will the SBRC be rowing?
A: We will be rowing on the Beaver Dam Reservior for practice and on the Occoquan River for most regattas.
Q: When is the SBRC rowing season?
A: The main racing season is in the spring. However, we will row as Loudoun County Rowing with other local high school crews in the summer and fall.
Q: What is a regatta?
A: A regatta is a racing event for crew teams of various experience levels. Some regattas include up to 2,000+ competitors. Races in fall regattas are generally 3 miles long. High school races in the spring are 1,500 meters long.
Q: In what type of boats will we be rowing?
A: We will be rowing in 8-person and 4-person shells. A shell is a long, 60 ft narrow boat that weighs approximately 250 lbs.
Q: Why would I want to join crew?
A: Crew is an excellent sport that keeps you in great shape, builds team-working skills, and looks GREAT on your college resume. It is the only sport at Stone Bridge High School that allows you to be out on a natural body of water.
Q: How much will SBRC cost if I want to join?
A: We do not receive funding from Loudoun County Public Schools or Stone Bridge High School. The SBRC board of directors sets an annual operating budget with membership fees for joining the club.
Q: Who can I talk to if I want to join?
A: Email Coach McCormick at
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